Top Stories

  • Tracing the sources of today's Russian cyber threat

    Some of the most talented and dangerous cyber warriors and criminals come from Russia, a long-time meddler in other nations' digital systems.

  • Verizon proposes FirstNet alternative

    Pulled from the company's commercial 4G LTE network, the public safety offering would include preemption services and access to Band 14 spectrum.

  • VA seeks BPM bots

    The Department of Veterans Affairs' Financial Services Center is interested in adding robotic automation to its business process management suite.

  • Chicago automates registration of Airbnb hosts

    The system compares rental listings from Airbnb with city databases to identify properties ineligible for short-term rentals.

  • Defending the 'front line' against election fraud

    Counties and local municipalities need help -- and funding -- to defend their election systems from security threats.

  • Using crowds to teach AI to search smarter

    A team at the University of Texas at Austin using crowdsourced input to train its machine-learning algorithms to create a more intelligent search engine.

  • San Diego libraries install self-checkout kiosks

    The machines will allow the libraries to better manage the increasing number of patrons.

  • A public-service Skynet?

    Researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington are working on a platform that will let drones act as generic movable computing devices capable of communicating with each other and their controller.

  • LA launches Cyber Lab to share threat data

    The public-private partnership will disseminate threat intelligence generated by the Los Angeles Integrated Security Operations Center.


    AI strategies for improving citizen services

    As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent, a new paper provides strategies for agencies considering the technology for improving engagement and customer satisfaction.