Top Stories

  • Automation error sends tremors through California

    Automated notification systems, updates to old data and a Y2K-type glitch combined to create a false alarm for a severe earthquake near Los Angeles.

  • Popcorn Linux OS gives processors a common language

    Developed by engineering researchers at Virginia Tech with support from the Office of Naval Research, Popcorn Linux may make it easier to upgrade and maintain complex, multicore systems.

  • Explainer: How malware gets inside your apps

    Malware can be inserted into applications by attackers who modify apps and republish them, by compromised in-app advertising or by corrupted development tools.


    Catching up with an interconnected federal cloud

    Blending an interconnection-first approach with a cloud-first strategy enables digital users to gain access to multiple clouds from any location or any device.

  • DHS: 21 states' voting systems probed by Russian hackers

    In some cases the hackers got inside the systems, but their tampering had no connection to vote counts, according to a Department of Homeland Security official.

  • Iowa City turns to data for holistic health care, justice solutions

    Data analytics is helping the city find new ways to combat substance abuse, homelessness, crime and mental health issues.

  • Report: 60 percent of top federal websites fall short on security and privacy

    The Online Trust Audit, which rates site security, consumer protection and privacy across several sectors, also noted federal sites' adoption of critical security best practices.

  • Experts hash out next-generation cyber defenses

    A new collection of essays highlights effective cybersecurity defenses that can be leveraged by public-sector organizations.

  • Emergency apps fail real-world user-centered design test

    After analyzing tweets from a wildfire evacuation, researchers found only six of the top 40 concerns were addressed by existing apps.

  • DevOps framework speeds software delivery

    Designed to align with federal policies and standards, eGlobalTech's DevOps Factory gives agencies security, flexibility and a process model that allows them to continuously iterate and scale.