Top Stories


    What are these 'levels' of autonomous vehicles?

    The six levels of autonomy describe the features that are engaged in any given instance of on-road operation of an equipped vehicle.


    Network security: Age matters less than maturity

    Network administrators must ensure that their infrastructures are mature enough to handle the latest threat as well as rapidly changing security requirements.

  • Monitoring 'side channels' to detect vehicle hacks

    By comparing what a vehicle is actually doing to what its software claims it is doing, researchers may be able to detect hack to onboard systems.


    Phishing is still a big problem, but users can help shrink it

    If employees have an easy way to spot and report suspicious emails, security teams will get a steady stream of front-line threat intelligence.

  • Agencies take a closer look at containers

    The stand-alone, executable packages can help make agencies more efficient by cutting staff costs and enabling faster development.

  • Hackers love Las Vegas

    A new report identifies the least secure cities in the county.

  • Mining open data for financial transparency

    Framingham, Mass., is putting budget data into a self-service portal where staff and residents can drill down into specific line items in the city’s budget.


    Data security at the tactical edge: Rightsizing solutions

    As data center functionality moves to the field, data protection capabilities must adapt to address challenges posed by edge deployments.

  • Mosquito-hunting drones

    As one of the winners of the Federal Aviation Administration's Drone Integration Pilot Program, a Florida county plans to expand its use of drones to control mosquitos.

  • A single source for agency data

    The Socrata Connected Government Cloud is a self-service environment that breaks down data silos and promotes collaboration and reuse of data so agencies can more easily share information internally.