Security's First Pillar

Identity Modernization, DHS, and the Government’s Adoption of Zero Trust

Smart Spaces: 5 Areas of Focus for Building Connected Communities

During the COVID-19 pandemic, shifts in work structures and the need to rapidly modernize IT functions to serve both employees and constituents remotely sparked a renaissance in government technology adoption. But as state and local governments look to build on this technological framework, they are still facing several challenges. Download this white paper to learn more!

The Top 5 Ways to Optimize Agency CX

In a recent webinar sponsored by Salesforce, Michael Hornsby, Salesforce’s director of customer success, and Chris Radich, Salesforce’s vice president of digital transformation, discussed the top trends in federal CX optimization, and how new technology can improve CX. Here are some of their key takeaways.

Just a Phone Call Away: How Agencies Can Optimize Citizen Outreach

How can agencies revive their phone outreach strategies and what technologies can they implement to help citizens feel safe answering their calls? Download this Whitepaper to learn more about how Neustar, a TransUnion company, and Branded Call Display can help you better your communications.

Managing the Workload

Overseeing multiple tasks across multiple personnel can be a challenge, which is why some see Collaborative Work Management (CWM) software as valuable to their organization. But exactly how helpful is it? Between March and April 2022, Government Business Council (GBC) polled a random sample of government employees to gauge sentiment surrounding CWM. In this poll, GBC surveyed 259 federal and defense employees. Learn more!

Cracking the Code to Secure Collaboration

<p>When it comes to government operations, content helps drive decisions. But more often than not, content is locked behind data silos &mdash; leading to disparate and mismanaged systems and processes. Enter the content cloud, a revolutionary new approach that promises to liberate content once and for all.</p>

Simplifying and Enabling Multi-Cloud for Mission Success

Multi-cloud solutions are empowering government agencies with greater choice, speed, and control. As the government communicates its requirements, VMware p

Overcoming the Challenges of Testing in Secure Environments

Building and testing software in highly secure environments is uniquely challenging as access to source code is not always available nor advisable. Advances in test automation with intelligent computer vision have made it easier to verify the complete human interface and digital interactions with complex weapons, guidance or command and control systems. In this guide, you will learn how to identify and overcome the challenges of test automation in secure environments. You will also gain insight into many other areas that non-invasive automation can add value to your software development lifecycle.

How Empathetic Service at Scale Can Rebuild Trust in Government

The Executive Order on Transforming the Federal Customer Experience underscores the importance of technology. Digital solutions can help agencies elevate the citizen experience and rebuild trust in government. But what systems should they deploy when approaching customer experience?

Forcepoint - A Proven Leader in Defense Grade Security

Is it time to modernize your cyber security? Look no further than Forcepoint’s cutting edge approach. From a unique Zero Trust CDR solution to an all-in-on

eBook - Rising Cloud Adoption Gives Way to Modern Cybersecurity

Keep your cybersecurity one step ahead with an ML-powered NGFW managed by Palo Alto Networks and delivered as a cloud-native service on AWS. Palo Alto Networks provides continuous visibility, compliance enforcement, reporting, and threat protection for all your AWS resources. From Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2) to Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), to AWS Lambda, and everything in between, Palo Alto Networks keeps you protected with native AWS services. Together, AWS and Palo Alto Networks provide the broadest set of integrated security capabilities, whether your organization is just beginning its cloud journey or you’re already running your business in the cloud.

Redefining Security: Bringing Zero Trust Architecture to the Public Sector

What exactly does it mean to implement zero trust architecture? At a recent session at Nextgov’s CyberDefenders summit, industry experts discussed how agencies can get started on their ZTA journey. Here’s what they had to say.

Federal Budget Outlook

<p>In this special report, Government Executive takes a look at the Biden administration&#39;s priorities for its second year in office.</p>

How Data-Driven Hiring Can Transform Federal Agencies

Lengthy time-to-hire cycles. Imprecise job descriptions that result in applicants who aren’t a match. Difficult-to-track applicant data. These are just a few of the obstacles federal agencies are facing today in the pursuit to hire top candidates. Download this whitepaper to learn how deploying technologies can greatly improve the hiring process, federal agencies can find themselves effectively competing for diverse talent with private sector companies, reduce agency skill gaps, and optimize their agencies’ missions.

The ROI of Zero Trust

Cloudflare Zero Trust increases visibility, eliminates complexity, and reduces risks as users connect to applications and the Internet. It runs on the world’s fastest edge network to deploy faster and perform better than other providers. Learn more about 5 key ways reducing your attack surface with a Zero Trust security strategy saves time and resources.

Securing Government Networks

Cybersecurity tops the list of federal concerns for 2022, as it has for many previous years. But with the expanded attack surfaces that come with remote work, and increasing migration to the cloud, it’s getting more complicated.

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