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Volume 17 Issue 16 June 29 1998


New chief NSF engineer says key to job is consensus

PhoneJack shows upside of full-duplex call quality over Internet

DOD brass expect some date code systems failures

Packets can run, but they can't hide from EtherPeek

Horn: Agencies will get funds for code work


PackRat 6.0 was no keeper, but 6.1 is worth saving

DISN leads to series of additional Defense telecommunications buys

NIST eyes signature revision

Is a single e-mail system enough? EPA will decide

Army makes plans for leasing PCs, buying network gear


SiteSweeper can do the chores that keep your site tidy

White House sets up systems protection plan

NARA group outlines archiving alternatives in a new proposal

Cohen calls for better NATO communications

Web site management tools

Bid it or ignore it

SitePro database aids agency in cleanup of wetlands

By Carl Estes

Ecosys design has long-life components

Census sires system to foster broader access to its records

AFFIRM names Flyzik IT exec of year

Data transformer package now works for enterprise

OFPP needs to move forward, inspire others

Asset Insight supplies latest data on your network

Navy command awards contract for suite of tactical support apps

CIO Council at odds over goals

Energy lab boosts bandwidth

Army center succeeds with archival plan

Smithsonian designers exhibit their software smarts

Axent packages its firewalls with Compaq servers for cheap turnkey network security


Here's where to find the best ways to find anything on the Web

Navy stares down big problems

Graphics and illustration software

ZyImage searches help you skip problem-plagued OCR

Want more bandwidth for less bucks? Check out all of your options


New systems sharpen investigative edge

Microsoft's vigilance makes it king of the desktop

98 tips for using Windows 98

Successful IT planning goes well beyond 2000

IG confirms: DMS will need AUTODIN for backup

Medics go online for consults

FAA, foreign delegates discuss, share date code fixes

Agencies soon can lease PCs through NIH buys

Electronic Grants System is ready for governmentwide rollout in fall

Navy prepares outsourcing pilots that bring IT architecture to Web

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