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Volume 17 Issue 18 July 20 1998


Feds were hip to PC leasing before Seat Management

coming UP

Flowchart app eases mail flow

Like an la carte menu, today's system management tools

JWID demos become jewels

President makes year 2000 stump speech

DOD creates new office to battle cyberterrorism

K6 test units prove average in lab test

Federal CIOs need more authority, IT official says

Senate kills info warfare funds in DOD spending bill

BorderManager lets users maintain local control over authentication, authorization

FAA ascends to new IP levels

Users get immediate access to FERC documents

Plug-in for Acrobat Exchange and Windows rescues redaction process

Voice recognition software is turning into standard fare with office applicationsuites

Gigabit Ethernet vs. ATM: Which one will survive?

New Yorkers can argue anywhere with video hearings

DESKTOP COMPUTING - Power User weighs the chips and dips into the Pentium debate

Panda Software supplements a network's security

Highly rated and intuitive Suite 8, speech software harmonize

DOE earns kudos for building fast supercomputer from spare parts

Create network-centric apps

NIH changes online shopping to let the seller beware

EPA CIO tackles data quality flaws in indexing project

Unravel 2000 marks date code errors in Oracle apps

No two organizations are alike, but these 10 rules help everyone

Book shows rosy future due to, or in spite of, IT


Rugged GridCase notebook withstands dust, shock

This year, GSA's FAST is a speedy moneymaker


USDA says bank errors stalled IMPAC service

Use Visual Explorer to get your files in order—almost

CIOs set IT framework

CIO Council wants IT execs to learn skills in school

Air Force's new BPAs give service chance to try commercial practices

GCN INTERVIEW: Ray Long, FAA's year 2000 pilot

Web page authoring software



Microsoft, like Unix crowd, will find that more is less

DOD agrees with IG, builds new system to track code work

Commerce creates separate CIO organization


Win95 reps rush to aid the Air Force in installation battle

JWID '98 expands on past and looks to future

NUMA servers enter first phase of integrating Unix and NT


IRS hires IT consultant—is he the next CIO?

Oceans apart, Navy sailors see eye-to-eye via videoconferencing

The sound of your voice can be the key that unlocks new IVR systems

Go that extra mile on your IP network bandwidth with new voice-over products

Justice expands IT strategies

DOD scripts revision to date code management plan

Commerce will supply export licenses via Net


There's nowhere to seek refuge if your software starts out extra buggy

Who will protect from hackers? Only the Shadow group knows

Breaking News - Hacker hits AF systems

HP doubles the capacity of its SureStore jukeboxes

Now that summer's here, out come GCN's product report cards

VA credits software, management for success of year 2000 program

Upgrades earn marks