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Volume 17 Issue 23 August 31 1998


New 450-MHz chip gives some oomph to Compaq Deskpro EP

Satellite kit lets you create fly-over simulations in 3-D

Another View | Agencies must begin planning for FTS 2001

Octane graphics unit has a full tank

GSA sustains Boeing protest of Seat Management awards

CAD use helps AF bodybuild

Smart Ship inquiry a go

The latest monitors are well-priced sites for sore eyes

Agencies, find ways to lower buying costs

HP gives 2000-ready upgrades


Emergency funding for 2000 remains uncertain

Programmers say knowing process is fundamental to their art

House report rebukes HHS, Treasury on year 2000

Adobe improves on an already good thing with Photoshop 5.0

Agriculture: Paychecks will get doled out come 2000

Among 19-inch monitors, three perform as champs

U.S. Transportation Command uses Web as a gateway to logistics data

Will ODIN give the Macs at NASA another nudge?

IRS awards contract to develop public-key infrastructure

Maryland vendor sets up routers for network managers to test drive

Air Force uses network system for flight operations

Graphics systems tackle visual workload

Interior chooses a vendor for its royalty program

As part of overhaul, Pentagon to get ATM backbone

@INFO.POLICY | Agencies ought to get on TRAC with their data

Squabbles over date code funding threaten fixes, year 2000 czar says

The Rat comes clean for past actions, but do not worry—words will flow


Call it a comeback for 2000 crackerjack

Users get best of two OSes on a Power Mac G3

Breaking News | NSA outsources IT work | GCN


Making NT secure is possible

Global Air Force depends on IT

GAO exec: Feds must get it together on 2000

Informix Software sees Linux going enterprisewide

AF unit gets long-awaited mobile access to manuals

Microsoft will beef up product security for feds

Koskinen stands out

NOAA launches Web site displaying wacky goings on in world's weather

NASA scientists synthesize space station environment using 3-D collaboration


Postal worker tries on IT hat

New Communication Products


New modules diversify use of network simulator for engineers and planners

Transportation funds date code repairs for state systems


Cost overruns suspend Smart Ship installation

Army finishes tests on two combat notebooks

This Exchange preps you for next year's OS

AF test ranges fall behind in date code work

Toll-quality voice is now a measurable specification

Enterprise distribution send client apps over the Net

Flat-panel monitor dips under $1,000 price barrier

NIST lists 15 algorithms to compete for standard

ZDS may be gone, but its PCs live on at several AF sites

For customizable apps, try getting vendors to take some of the risk

Notebook PC power boosts silently lap those of desktop PCs

Beat the Clock

Federal Contract Law - Let me put contract lingo into plain English for you

New England air traffic control systems crash

Bringing high tech to the seas proves a tough challenge

Minor tweaking will correct some monitor ailments