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Volume 17 Issue 24 September 7 1998


Services agree on a proposal for modeling architecture

HCFA develops draft standards for protecting privacy of medical data

Theorizing atoms as a computing tool is like taking a quantum leap

GAO: Sloppy oversight lessens accuracy of spending data

VA expects to meet March year 2000 deadline

Database update | BUYERS GUIDE

Work begins on Government Computer-Based Patient Record

We must have laws for lawyer-client e-mailing

Treasury creates site on the Web for selling bonds

AID awards contracts for global PC upgrades

Marines put big plans online

Dodd, FTC team win honors from peers for superior IT achievements

Ethernet switch and router competition intensifies

New NOAA system will act as backup satellite data server

American Mobile adds security to federal satellite telephone service

Using electronic agents as eyes and ears keeps the furry one keyed up

GSA targets small businesses

Get systems secure


FlowCharter 7's templates ease chart-building

Air Force installs servers for top-secret DMS mail

Defense rethinks Y2K strategy


Application service assurance suites have a multitude of tools for various networks

Travelers can tap the Web while away

VBA puts class on CD-ROMs

Micron bests Dell on PC sales through Air Force BPAs

450-MHz Pentium II appears in PCs, servers for a price premium

Postal Service sets a new systems course with first CIO at the helm

Lee says she'll continue on reform path

Directive will help shore up security, experts say

Bombings keep security hot topic

Internet will treat you to cool info along the way of your research

Panafax UF-770i suffers from difficult installation routines



IT workers view 2000 through rose-colored glasses

Feds find uses for cameras, scanners

MathSoft boosts reporting feature of latest MathCAD

70 CPUs add up to big power

Army Corps of Engineers keeps tabs on data use

Here's how, where and why the 56K Faxmodem hits top speed| GCN


Many PC apps with two-digit year codes are fine, consultant says

FAA seeks budgetary nod to switch e-mail systems

Through cross-servicing effort, VA will handle GAO's data processing

Fibre Channel products prove interoperability

Patent office will offer online access to millions of documents

Defense IG calls DISA's date code work on mainframes inadequate

The Air Force vows to be 2000-ready, on time

Breaking News Daily

USPS will use a PKI to manage electronic postage

Lucent lets you order and buy phones online

Silicon Graphics bets future on Irix, NT

Dell 400-MHz Pentium II has an edge

Donahue: Air Force is damaging its own nets

DOD seeks way to buy software enterprisewide

GCN test: Agencies vary in handling of online queries