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Volume 17 Issue 25 September 21 1998


Air Force wants to keep most IT staffs stateside

New desktop computing products

Video makes the voyage to desktop PCs

Postal Service expands tests of software for its electronic postage sales program


ReadIris stumbles with Spanish, technical translations

LapLink Tech utilities keep traveling support teams connected

Technology in 1860 meant wires in trees


DOD bites back at hackers preying on its Web servers

Answer the e-mail call

Commander surveys action from skies via high-speed antenna system

Memorial Web sites pay tribute to people, places and projects

FAA awards $1.25b in contracts to small businesses

DFAS accounting goes online

Air Force takes aim at safety with satellite systems

Marines go to battle stations that are workstations


Panasonic hatches versatile PC video camera

Navy eyes all-electronic maps

New Communication Products

AF expeditionary forces will reach back to U.S. via wireless networks

Visual Basic 6.0 produces custom apps in a snap


Agencies get help testing code

Supercomputers make new aircraft simulations fly

CIO Council gives its OK to federal IT architecture

House offices face own hurdles to fix date code

OPM told to focus more on ends, less on means

Digital atlas serves up transportation infrastructure data

Is 2000 a budget victim?

DOD picks single-chip Rosetta as encryption card for DMS users

GAO: Lack of adequate management hinders SBA loan system

No bull: Furry one can't bear to see volatile tech market take big plunge


IT is 'an innovator's dream environment' SPOTLIGHT

DOD's new frontiers - SPOTLIGHT

SEC sets up new team to battle net fraud schemes

Coast Guard adds Fast Ethernet connections to ship, shore LANs

Army base eases network jam

SSA gets kudos for making systems more accessible

Navy negotiates three BPAs for PC products

RAID subsystems

Warner leads effort to gain support for bill

Norton AntiVirus 5.0 lets users analyze their viruses

Wavelet image, video compression technology address file size problem

Guard words to avoid false statement charges

Government users are among the first to buy Sun's mainframe-class Starfires

Voice over IP services come calling on networks

CIO Council issues IT investment guide


Big storm forces FEMA to beef up Web service

Government CIOs have what it takes

GAO finds that systems glitches lead

Beat the Clock

Bidders gradually gaining a voice in bid evaluations

For those who just do not get the message, hold off on junk e-mail

IG berates Space Command

EPA will move old database to new platform

Virginia and Dyncorp team up to build a spaceport at NASA site

EPA has a four-pronged strategy to manage systems enterprisewide

Managers' choice: bandwidth now, management later

Toshiba puts its 266-MHz Portege 7000CT on a diet

Millions hit, millions miss Starr report on Web

Commerce site lists resources for IT training