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Volume 17 Issue 26 September 28 1998


IRS gets vendor help to promote online tax filing

New copyright bill a balancing act of protecting owner, user interests

The Web won't wait for long

Tadpole to buy portable systems competitor RDI

Agencies lack funds for IT research, exec says

Kinks in satellite communications service delay rollout to Defense

Inprise says middleware tool eases updating of intranet, Internet apps

NARA likely to seek agency records archival plans

DOD directive pushes single radio system with programmable software technology

Agencies are on the brink of IP telephony


GAO criticizes DISA's fee-for-service operations

There's no quick fix for archiving electronic records, archivist says

Marines march in via phone

The Rat wrestles with security advice to slam down computer hackers

Systems track federal credits and debits

Navy sets course to manage its human resource data

Document management software

DOD auditor says feds must focus on both network security and year 2000 problem

Condon: Agencies lack understanding of security directive

GSA taps De Vera for new contracts job

Survey: Virus siege increases on feds' servers, PCs

Don't just build Web sites, analyze how they're used

MapInfo Pro 5.0 adds CAD translator and report-writing tools


Company revamps wireless LAN line for notebook users

SuperDisk drive can handle regular, 120M floppies

IRS advisory group will promote electronic filing

HomeSite adds finishing touch to a page

Web-to-host application in Java saves steps for hosts

DOD's new paperless buying system gets first use in Army

GSA smart card center opens for agency tryouts

White House OKs export of some strong encryption

Demo marks maiden voyage of government into digital signatures

USPS tests online service for stamp of approval

Tool helps manage requirements when developing software


The V.90 standard for 56-Kbps modems gets union's approval

ErgoSentry keeps watch on how people use their computers

As security step, DOD to limit Web postings

In e-mail etiquette, the catchphrase should be: Keep it simple, stupid

AirID protects your data while you roam the office

2000 work's an inside job


Food inspectors find it online

Tool chest for NT administrators

IRS CIO says systems reorganization is a must

Service ranks its IT priorities


Feds can run high-end computer simulations at virtual reality lab

OMB Watch says GILS implementation is poor


Hackers turn to stealth mapping for cyberattacks

The Net makes news

Feds counsel CIOs on the future of government IT

What makes an IT team succeed? CIO Council spells out the skills

SEC plans a major face-lift for its site

IT will be key element in Air Force's deployment of expeditionary forces

Energy will boost supercomputer speed using latest version of HPPI switches

AF factory develops software

Navy makes personnel moves with IT in mind

ATF pioneers PC outsourcing

Donate computer gear, expertise to schools

SmartSuite's price and variety of features balance software bloat

Network Associates creates subsidiary to sell CyberMedia security products

Program aids agency's move to secure E-FOIA responses