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Volume 17 Issue 28 October 19 1998



Congress cites technical problems in cutting funds for wearable systems

House considers bill to give more power in security policy to NIST

FCC bureau collapses apps into online filing system

Census plans to build roughly 500 LANs for next decennial census

Army extends $907 million IDIQ with Telos

In wake of GAO criticism, Customs adds access controls to its database


Fast Modems - BUYERS GUIDE

FAA uses patch to prevent air traffic lockups

The IRS sees PKI as its secret key to Net tax filing

Fourth quarter a dry season for agency PC buys

Are open systems the answer?

Expert systems tool lends helping hand to managers

Troops start to gather for Microsoft legal battle

DOD appropriations bill emphasizes importance of 2000 fixes

@Guard sets up barrier against advertisements on Web pages

GCN INTERVIEW | Harold Gracey, VA systems go-getter

Small size cannot disguise strong video performance

You can look it up: The Web provides a fast, easy route to research

Guard bureau moves to ATM


Feds must lead the EC charge

SMAC loads its PCs, servers with tools from Computer Associates


Server clocks pose risk

10 Commerce employees honored at GCN Forum for systems work

Navy: Hackers' coordinated efforts are difficult to detect


Customs Service creates five-year, $40 million BPA

End users urge: Halt code fixes, set 2000 backup plans

Lawmakers are set to vote on bill to legalize use of digital signatures

DEA just says yes to system


FBI makes large fingerprint card scanner buy

GSA will expand online links

A return to what?

Sprint says its new OC-48 route aims to satisfy federal users' bandwidthappetite


Maxwell AF Base accepts first part of Global Combat Support System

Shadow members see patterns developing with network hackers

Dell delivers dual Pentium IIs in PowerEdge 4300 server

More agencies prepare cyberprotection plans

Bill to preserve publications would add bureaucracy

Commerce team works on infrastructure protection

Pentium II power is strong but not long

Thin server is strong on convenience

Mrs. Rat sees an iMac and cries, 'It's so cute!' Rat cries sourApples

Agencies design architectures

300-MHz notebook speeds are hardly worth the weight

Nebula family has three stars

He gives Army PCs a seal of approval

NASA engineers say MathCAD 7.0 is a plus

New DNA database extends the long arm of law enforcement

Customs Service puts stock in its data warehouse

U.S. attorney in N.Y. uses mapping software to sort case jurisdictions

IBM rolls out universal database system that links external files with native files

DOD braces for space storms