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Volume 17 Issue 30 November 9 1998


EPA overhaul calls for a new systems office

AF matches posts, personnel

Well-planned seat management sits well with users

Goal is to make exchanges easy

Howard, the first CIO of FTS, to retire after 35 years in government

SBA creates virtual class to teach 2000 lessons


SSA tests system for employers to file wage data electronically

Senate official rallies troops to tackle year 2000 fixes

Education awards CSC four task orders for consolidation of financial aid systems


FTS 2001, warts and all


NOAA computer modeler stays step ahead of El Nio

Advances in Layer 3 switch technology are boon to LAN security, load balancing

Navy: Calibration flaw crashed Yorktown LAN

Army sets its sights on making ammo supply data easy to track


DISN to award multibillion dollar Pacific transmission services IDIQ

DISA establishes portal for telecom satellite system

SEC begins three-phase upgrade of its financial data filing system

Olympus digital recorder: a good idea that gets lost in translation

Nine FBI systems professionals receive kudos for their successes

PowerPoint expert's secrets revealed

FEMA automates property inspection scheduling

Military exchange shops savvy


Cebrowski makes call for bottom-up IT

Base updates its training LAN

NSF will stop developing Mac versions of certain agencywide business applications

Workgroups, see the benefits of building your own Web site

IBM deals a card to connect PC, mainframe servers


Johnson, industry executive of the year, vows Lockheed will deliver on FAA pact

Virtual private network products are the hot trend

Web site supplies tailor-made law data for business

GSA can compete with IT's 'big boys'

Primeon offers pretest audits it says can reduce costs of year 2000 testing

Warehouse field gets crowded

NASA steps out on seat

GSA's Wohlleben decides to go private

10 government organizations win awards for state-of-the-art systems

Service readies RFP for $1 billion logistics systems modernization

Federal stars shine at the 11th annual GCN banquet

Labor promotes online benefits

FAA taps Sony monitors for STARS project

Novell, Microsoft execs speak at show; no date given for Win2000

INS uses app to reduce fraud

DNS snafu delays user access to space Web site

Fast NICs

Agencies find ways for citizens to dial in to Web sites by phone

Build yourself an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet LAN

USDA's Anne Thomson Reed focuses on human resources in accepting award

Microsoft pushes latest version of SQL as capable of ousting Oracle in govt. market

Latest version of NT blends the best of two OSes

Don't close the book on encryption technology


IG: Defense buying systems from vendors not certified 2000-ready

Apple's iMac rates high on cool scale but has built-in limitations