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Volume 17 Issue 31 November 23 1998


The war over rewritable DVD standards heats up

Treasury sets up BPAs for companies competing with Dell

Reseller CS&T adds services to IT Schedule deal

PCs that go into battle will be tougher, lighter, Army says

Boeing drops its protest of Seat Management

Crash Defender program does no harm and protects system without much annoyance

At 333 MHz, Celeron chip gives low-end Compaq PC some gusto

Win 2000 server bigger than it is better

IG tells Navy to conform with frequency regs

FEMA calls on president's council for more help on 2000 preparations

Agencies are told to tap existing budgets for cyberterrorism security

DOD plans new Hawaiian HQ

Census, other agencies tap NetWare for new networks

Rambus makes run at SDRAM with modules

Compaq's fingerprint ID device gets a thumbs-up


Classifying a document? Mean what you say

Report: White House's cyberdefense too close for comfort

PC powerbrokers maintain fairly low profiles at Comdex

Mystery memos, free software deliver a way to pull Microsoft down


Clemins says a global intranet will help DOD achieve systems goals

Battle of the Blues: Whose supercomputer is fastest?

Logistics present DOD another year 2000 challenge

Nuclear systems could crash in 2000, study says

Sysadmins eye software that simplifies RAID

Army seeks A-76 waiver for logistics project

New Energy CIO brings IT skills to job

Shareware welcomes users to a new world of PC opportunities

With LCD monitors, big is in at Comdex trade show

MAS audits irk vendors

Beat the Clock

Revised FAR widens avenue for contract discussions

3Com introduces high-speed storage network

It's a smart lesson

Persistence pays off for agencies seeking electronic copyrights

RealNetworks sees intranets as streaming media venue

NIST upgrades to faster, more accessible backbone

PC managers seek the real deal on real-time clocks


Controversial dissemination bill comes up short

SPAWAR contracts go netwide

Videoconferencing tools

No question, Survey Select helps ease the circulation of surveys

FAA pulls tracking app from two radar centers

Feds' changing tastes mark '98 surveys

Push is on for data broadcasts

GAO eases sole-source fears

IRS will test the use of PINs as electronic signatures in two pilots for 1998returns


Agencies face decision on year 2000: Fix or cut bait

Statistics bureau will post no data before its time

Center records hydrologic data for forecast offices


Treasury seeks smarter cards

For your eyes only: These glasses would fit perfectly on James Bond

Navy will install Xylan ATM switches aboard four ship groups

Air Force signs with Lockheed for Microsoft products

Agencies have more choice in buying

GSA posts schedule sales, contract details and other buying info on Web