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Volume 17 Issue 32 December 14 1998


GPEA is a giant step toward hassle-free government

Most RTC date problems are limited to older PCs

OMB exec: Feds need to finalize year 2000 contingency plans now

CellCase2 increases Secant's range of ATM encryption speeds

Study pegs federal PC ownership cost at a cool $8,400/year

Policy for saving electronic records applies to PCs only, Justice asserts

GCN reviewer finds himself awed by power of new PC


NASA adopts electronic forms, workflow to manage closeouts of its subcontracts

Agencies suffer an IT worker drought, GAO says

Lancast's Redundant Twister can keep LAN traffic flowing

CSC wins IRS' Prime contract

Year 2000 program director has confidence in FAA's success

Database helps agency supply answers on date code progress

A world that merges Netscape, AOL doesn't make for sweet dreams

Switch is on at NAVOCEANO


Group demos way to shop multiple e-catalogs

Federal agency leaders fall behind hackers in security expertise

Military command purges sensitive data from Web sites after security evaluation

Old lion has advice for new cats at FTS

GSA's terms for Microsoft site licenses include upgrades of OSes andapplications

Advanced OCR system will capture Census 2000

HP lobbyist helped Capitol Hill define IT policies

Utilities ride on NT coattails

She'll verify: 'We aren't missing anything

Service Pack 4 for NT fixes a swarm of bugs

Conference hashes out supercomputers, Next Generation Net

Computers, bodies warm up DOD's cold mountain

New year, old problems

PDAs let many users hit the road without excess PC baggage


Software training is on course

FAA deflects criticism about its contingency plans

Discord mars MAS program

Readying for 2000: One agency's story

GSA's technology unit unveils '98 revenues

SBA hires Unisys for variety of loan systems support services

Advanced tool package administers complete physical to PC

'Tis the season when hyped product claims get wrap they deserve

As SBA finishes date code work, OMB lauds federal 2000 progress

First FTS 2001 award goes to Sprint | Breaking News


STARS work continues after GAO denies Keane's protest of INS contract award

New information system promises lots of change for the Mint

FAA document management system helps users stay on track

Network managers stick to the basics on security

Norton Utilities 4.0 brings PC safeguards to Macs

GCN Lab revisits 1998's hits and misses

Control-system designers say newer version could have prevented LAN crash

For PC-3, Army officials choose IDIQ contract method over BPA

FTS users left hanging as AT&T scraps X.25

EPA lauds 12 workers for superior systems development, management

Navy keeps its options open in deal with Lotus


Test of year 2000 puts administrators on the line

EC is a hot topic with Commerce


Education names Woods its COO for aid

IRS issues strategy to stimulate electronic tax filing

1999: the year of computer security—maybe