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Volume 18 Issue 10 April 26 1999


Postage is on sale on the Web


Pacific Fleet takes a Y2K test

DOD Computing Briefing Book


CDC's database project pays off in fast, paperless searches

PageMaker 6.5 Plus is not just for the graphics expert

HUD uses schedule to standardize on Dell PCs

Treasury installs tool to show both sides of the financial coin

Air Force runs NATO support network 24-7

Marines swap faulty servers

Mapping system links pictures to exact locations

DOD aims to protect unclassified network by speeding traffic and limiting protocols

Professional Calendar

EPA, HUD webmasters offer up lessons learned

Netscape reassures DOD after takeover by AOL

Lab Notes

Enterprise Computing

MasterConsole IIs connects multiple CPUs to one monitor

BLS applies tough-love policy for Web posting

AF makes quick work of patch to B-1 software

For Web browsers, stick with the Big 2

Those who spam feds may be worse than nuisances

Tech Refresh


Unicor uses law to handcuff the competition

Organizer puts planning in motion

In turnabout, McCain sponsors bill to ease crypto export limits

Lawyer doubts law will have effect on 2000 disputes

SSA will round up stray domains to brand them with common NT

After a crash, Search and Rescue can recover lost or corrupted data

Xerox integrates document sharing, summaries

Koskinen: Protect Y2K emergency fund account

Data General designs rackmounted, single-app server

Defense BPAs offer PCs at steep discount prices

SSA sets mature example for Web sites

FAA: Test indicates all systems are go

Here's the deal: free equipment in exchange for corporate flesh art

Coming Corel suite builds on solid core

AID creates electronic maps of Balkans

Agencies test a voice-activated telephone system

Make PC use a perk

At last—an Alaska lawmaker submits a bill to regulate e-mail

Internet gives documents a new dimension

IRS Web site is a hit—767 million times over

Many IT chiefs will spend New Year's Day at work

Letters to the editor

DOE signs four BPAs and starts Web buying pilot

Feds see flexibility as key factor to PC outsourcing

Service has GIS, will travel

GCN INTERVIEW | Peter B. Hayes, Microsoft advocate for federal standards

Check out free tools that let you make smart use of the Net