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Volume 18 Issue 11 May 3 1999


Axis servers use 100-MIPS chip, browser control


Professional Calendar

Device monitors PC's power supply from USB

Brother's mobile units take color printing on road

WorldMark servers gain speed, cut prices

Corel offers free WordPerfect 8 version for Linux

HCFA will use ODIN to try seat management

With a wince, the Rat

Electronic data interchange tools

Air Force signs three BPAs for rugged portables

Census systems get checkup

Cyberprotection plan is set for summer release

Electronic Commerce

Truth about PKI isn't always common knowledge

The road to e-commerce is a long one

Acrobat 4.0 viewer reduces task time to maneuver PDF documents

Feds inch closer to privatizing Net management

EPA will open AIRS on Web

Justice lifts applet ban

For Web page tools, change is the only constant

USPS system tracks customers' special deliveries

Tool bundles third-party resources under one roof

Patent database adds 20 million image files

Letters to the Editor

Digital signature software lets agencies write off paperwork

Digital economy needs midsize buys on Net to emerge as big deal

It's no secret, so post it GCN

GSA gears for gas tax system| GCN

GCN INTERVIEW | Jackie Fletcher, the Mint's COINS flipper

VBA bids adieu to manual filing with free program

He flies by the seat at his PC

Commerce delays contract award to sort through a pile of bids

Colorado school reaches out through the Internet

Rules on outsourcing sometimes hinder the process

Y2K progress continues; Hill seeks new tests


Turnaround skill gains AF officer Trail Boss honor

Web delivers inexpensive transaction tracks

Trailblazing feds lead the move to distance learning

FAA equips maintenance specialists with notebook PCs to replace outdated units

Stillman retires as GAO chief scientist

Candle introduces a platform for integrating apps

Navy pushes back arrival time for personnel system

Briefing Book

Bargain-basement PCs make the perfect tools for training employees

Energy inks five-year contract for IBM RS/6000 SP supercomputer

Navy finds that commercial games have potential for other military training uses

One man's legacy lives on in copyright laws

Lab Notes

Make the workgroup switch connection

Reform hones business, federal alliances, Lee says