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Volume 18 Issue 20 July 5 1999


Bargain 17-inch Monitors

NetIQ's AppManager Suite 3.0 monitors NT clients

NEC's big monitor shows a pretty picture at any angle

Lab Notes

Rein in projects with the right software


Web attacks continue'this time, pranksters prey on Army's site

Feds make security recommendations to Hill

Government finds itself facing

Justice official says agencies spend way too little on systems security

After Melissa, DOD was ready for the worm

Industry groups object to sources cited for Air Force BPA decision

CA exec predicts next step for IT: from a useful tool to a way of life

Intranets link far-flung offices, hike productivity

By fall, EPA will consolidate its systems operations, give CIO more power

PC makers winnow down the size of desktop units

IT officials advise caution on seat management

Commerce makes plan to outsource PC work

GCN broadens coverage, merges sections

Small businesses split new GWAC 29 ways

IBM security kit will make portable-PC thieves blue

Marines find notebook PCs are semper fi

Air Force lab tweaks off-the-shelf IT gear to make it battle-ready

New certification effort for financial software takes off

IT salary plan dropped




Keep an eye on privacy



GCN_Tech Trends

EDI-challenged buyers get a Web-based tool

Company ready to fill speech recognition demand

Suite offers just what the IP security doctor ordered

FTS 2001 players go for DSL