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Volume 18 Issue 23 July 26 1999


Recovery utility captures, repairs and relocates files lost during crashes

Sharp output, easy setup make printer a winner

The flat Diamond Pro 900u is easy on the eyes

Package passes mobile access chores to network administrator

Lab Notes

GCN adds benchmarks to test arsenal

A look at two notebooks reflects the weighty choice buyers face

Pentium II Notebooks


Computer security's higher profile is the bright side of work on Y2K

Feds reach out to hacker community

GSA supply distribution goes virtual

New Jersey follows FBI footsteps with customized NCIC 2000 apps

Navy-wide intranet plan prompts questions about other service IT buys

Defense deems date code logistics test a success

Census starts to equip data capture centers for decennial count

Advanced system turns the forecast to clear and cool at NWS

Netscape Communications will supply DOD with PKI software

Videoconferences give NSF worker link to doctors

Clinton signs Y2K liability protection bill

Commerce and Labor tap MCI for FTS 2001

GSA negotiates BPAs for security services

Energy CIO readies a cybersecurity strategy

NOAA mapping ship helps find JFK Jr.'s plane

This itty-bitty USB modem keeps you well connected

After initial miscue, the FBI makes a go of new crime net

DLA bids adieu to paper specs

The Navy sails through Y2K exercise at sea


Ready, set, hike IT pay




Letters to the Editor

GCN_Tech Trends

Networking suite may be light-years ahead

SurfinShield protects apps, files from hostile mobile code

This backbone router will push switching capacity to 184 Tbps

PTO system answers the call


Stay linked and back up files with new products

OCC app integrates database for bank examiners

With PocketMail, e-mail access is phone call away

USDA inspectors improve communications by going Solo

Techie is in tune with mobile challenges

Navy ship inspectors give palmtops a thumbs-up

Mobile and wireless computing