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Volume 18 Issue 25 August 9 1999


A Web browser can give you access to printer info from here, there '

Color laser printers

Good ideas do not guarantee a good subnotebook

PhotoDraw opens a mixed bag of illustration tricks

Flat displays are where it's at, at a price


OFPP pushes decision on audit, price clauses to end of August

Rossotti: IT is key to reforming IRS

House, Senate divided on plan for DOE spin-off

IBM, StorageTek go separate ways

DOD, Congress scrap over IT project authority

GAO questions digital battlefield plan

GSA plans search engine upgrade for Advantage site

NOAA mapping vessel visits the capital

FBI fingerprint system runs without a hitch

White House to review net monitoring plan

Outsourcing mind-set gradually taking hold

DNA matches help FBI link nine sex crimes

Gateway raises the Profile for all-in-one desktop PCs

Keeping systems running is a major peacekeeping chore

NAPA to study IT salary issues

Corps uses direct approach in pay system redesign

Archives agency chooses a system to get up to speed on procurement

USPS' new retail services system enters next stage






Letters to the Editor


SSA reaps benefits of video training for employees

PEBES online waits in wings


GCN_Tech Trends

Organizations use hacker tools to find weaknesses

Researchers merge IP, frame relay services

IMC Networks multiplexer connects several nets in a building

NSA approves first products for secure remote access


Researcher charts Net growth