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Volume 18 Issue 3 February 8 1999


Windows 98 offers few clues on fixing hardware failures

Online services can help office managers trim resource budgets

Clinton budget proposes $10 billion for Defense IT operations

GPO's value is more than saving money | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

Chewing on recent GAO rulings leaves bitter taste

FAA begins upgrade project on its controller-pilot comm system



Online biomedical database tracks equipment for date code readiness

Study warns of acute risk to federal infrastructure

Find answers to nagging compatibility questions

Fore Systems switches will support MPLS

Following delays, GSA releases RFP for governmentwide digital certificate service

Intel takes inside track to faster chips

As PC prices fall, feds are shopping for name brands

Here's a telling tale of voice recognition gender-bending

Network Storage Buyers Guide

NIST eases restrictions on use of RSA-encrypted signatures

Message manager routes, responds to site visitors' e-mails... EnterpriseComputing

As new IT chief at NPR, Hirning will push public access

Microsoft posts year 2000 info, tips about real-time clocks

Agency outsources imaging and mapping duties via $600 million omnibus project

Desktop Computing | New Products

Too cheap to meter

Calendar date has naysayers seeing nothing but nines

VHA shaves data storage costs with CD-ROM

Translation app lets DOD, South Korea talk shop

IP gains support as sole network protocol

ViaGrafix's CAD software makes drafting easy to learn | GCN PRoduct Review

Alchemy system can convert PC files into Web gold

Marines plan barrage of tests to check systems for 2000 readiness

App spots PC flaws, tells you how to fix 'em

GSA Web site offers Dolch portable PCs



Network Associates buys up rival security, management products

Navy hospital moves to NT

Bell Labs pushes gigabit wireless link as a way to boost throughput fourfold

Combining voice and data traffic is cost-efficient, FEMA says

Intel tags Pentium III chips with optional IDs

EPA's almost set to reorganize IT shop

NSA officer: Defense systems are at risk from internal threat

OMB and GITS Board offer pointers on PKI use

Will digital signature buy draw any bidders?


Computer training apps grow on Agriculture agency

Advisory council lays groundwork for conference

IRS thinks it has the answer

All critical government systems will be ready, Koskinen says

Dod Computing Briefing Book

Some feds can't live without handhelds

Army shores up servicewide ATM use by approving OmniSwitch for network

NATO calls for cooperative simulation effort

Users get Domino 5, but the boys in the back e-room get a bit more

GPS overhaul will add signals for civilian use

Clinton's proposal identifies 2000 problem as No. 1 issue

Cybervillains come under fire

Web browsers will help steer IT course


Store Up with one of these highly modular tape libraries

It's worth it to upgrade to latest Illustrator version

USGS juggles data requests

Group yet to reach consensus on setting new Net naming policies

CIO Council says it will focus on achieving new short-term goals

GSA employees recognized for work in systems, implementation