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Volume 18 Issue 32 September 27 1999


This little card will give portable users access to ATM on the road

Fast NICs

Check out these 53 items that delivered the goods

Tool checks Microsoft products for 2000 readiness

Analyzer delves deeper into network

Lab Notes

Under the gun? Achieve 2000 readiness for PCs in a hurry with the GCN Lab's 12-step program

Apps come to procrastinators' rescue


USGS serves up fresh satellite views of Earth

Office users can navigate by StarOffice'for free

The service wants to eliminate passwords for verifying users

Feds take hard look at use of enterprisewide systems

DOE sets security course

EPA software that finds less toxic chemicals will go on the market

Software with the right stuff wins NASA awards

Industry, CIOs publish guidelines to carry out software piracy order

Bureau of Labor Statistics' IT unit redoubles site protection, security

Postal Service digitizes stamp sales via the Internet

FEMA sends out five mobile units to help in state and local recovery

Forecasting system gives the Navy plenty of lead time to protect fleet

Systems fire an arrow into heart of the hurricane

Treasury plans to give its CIO more departmentwide authority

ACES contract spurs feds' online interests

GSA, union tussle over warehouse closures

Cautions still run high over systems readiness



The View From Inside



Letters to the Editor


USDA unifies its HR services

Interview: Anne F. Thomas

School lunch EDI system gives paperwork a recess

GCN_Tech Trends

Controversial security site to return under new management

Key encrypts, authenticates on client'not server

Security tool lets users run single e-mail system with both Unix, Windows clients

Have emergency, will travel