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Volume 18 Issue 33 October 4 1999


PhotoDraw is no longer Office 2000's weak link

Java and its competitors

Easy Excel spreadsheet adds up to equality for all at $309

PC tape backup is affordable but slow

Lab Notes

Effective telecommuting does the job


When it comes to IT security, CIOs say that talk is cheap

NIH tries to find a happy medium in online debate

In 2000, federal IT budget rises

How would a merger affect FTS 2001?

Lotus PIM gets in sync with portable phones, handhelds

Full-scale convergence is hot topic at trade show

Special Navy comm unit supports the East Timor peacekeeping force

Army honors employee excellence in systems work


GSA creates training program for IT workers to hone thinking skills

USGS uses video mapping system to study Turkey earthquake

Clinton plan would ease export restriction on encryption software

Air Force plans $1.5b systems integration

Mineral royalty system will run PeopleSoft app

Will archiving lawsuit go to Supreme Court?

Student loan shop gets IT modernization team






Letters to the Editor


Seagate improves hard drive

PCI card makes phone calls

Iridium cuts prices for feds

PTO says it is 2000-ready

HP gears up for IA-64

Army signs BPA with CA

DNS registration deal set

IRS gets software Web store

GCN_Tech Trends

Classroom XXI puts soldiers at head of class

SPAWAR builds backbone to shore up lines of communication

Spectrum of duties keeps her in tune

Projects aim to scale medicine's geographic walls

Marines pack PCs as handheld testing continues

Defense Department communications

An eight-port Ethernet switch for small office LANs fits in a pocket

Telecom device makes sure the back door is closed

Check Point software extends VPNs into enterprise nets for secure communications

NASA pilots online bidding