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Volume 18 Issue 38 December 13 1999


Who needs a PC notebook? Try an Apple PowerBook G3

Telephony products are a natural fit for speech recognition

Speech Recognition

Act 2000 groups and organizes contacts efficiently

This portable has a 14.4G hard drive but is too heavy

Norton's Speed Disk 5.0 defragments and optimizes NT files

Lab Notes

1999's best products weigh less, do more


PTO lets fly with a PKI for handling patent apps

The IT guy is most popular sailor on board

Y2K countdown begins in earnest

Sky's the limit for FAA's Garvey when it comes to New Year's Eve

Malia works behind the scenes, coordinating CIO Council efforts

Early action put Agriculture's finance center ahead of Y2K curve

Horn issues final Y2K report cards, chastises agencies that still aren't ready

Special Report: Year 2000 raises threat of system attacks

Not too big, not too small; makers of notebooks aim for just-right size

OPM takes steps to keep IT workers by reclassifying jobs, monitoring recruitment

GSA closes window on proposals for digital certificate contracts

IT advocate resigns after six years as ATF director

Agriculture's Internet plan would create online services for farmers

New Education CIO aims to foster collaborative efforts

Education performance plan leans heavily on IT

Air Force, NASA look to get real in their space simulator training

Systems security chief exits Justice to take a position in private sector

E-commerce is a management puzzle, experts say

House threatens to delay security funding

House, Senate make security review plans

Simulation may be the last image of Lander

DOD standardizes on a digital video format




Here's to you


Letters to the Editor


IRS names panel members

DOD: MiniZip is more a pest

Commerce fills high-tech jobs

ATF expands gun data access

DIA buys secure browser app

Commerce delays DDI again

FastSite publishes in PDF

IRS tests e-mail query app

GCN_Tech Trends

New FlexPoint converters can stretch fiber runs

Smart-card industry leaders tout digital certificates for security applications

Firefighters do digital battle