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Volume 18 Issue 4 February 22 1999


His warehouse wows USDA managers

IT-21 supplies smooth sailing

Cascade server app lets users mesh Unix and NT platforms

NASA IG looks into Internet services buy


Patience is a virtue when building data warehouses

Power User sings praises of a few of his favorite things

Data visualization tools give form to the content

Software changes delay rollout of FAA satellite navigation system

The new CIO in town must gain credibility

Tech Refresh

GSA expects its first Seat task order to provide better service—invisibly

NIH opens mainframe access

Data mining prospects for diamonds in the rough

Some feds can't live without handhelds

USPS hands mail supervisors Windows CE on handheld PCs

The Rat finds millions of good reasons not to fix faulty date code

IBM's Microdrive, world's smallest drive, stores up to 340M of data

Briefing Book

Group plans satellite network to tap virtual data warehouses

Customs asks: Can ports work if computers fail?

House reform committee drops 'oversight' from its name only

Product Reviews

Reports tie IT weaknesses to agencies' problems | GCN

Data warehousing tools

GSA official to naysayers: Federal EC is here

No risk, no gain

Seven Interior employees honored for work in systems development

Army prepares to open ordering on Infrastructure Support 1 buy

This data warehouse creates a virtual Noah's Ark

Energy, Intel collaborate on space-ready Pentium CPU

Supercomputing's next frontier strains software

Air Force drops Desktop IDIQs

Ohio VA centers call on videoconferencing system

Learn to speak the language of this blossoming technology field

Navy finds place for ATM and Gigabit Ethernet on nets

Compaq, releasing Version 7.2, signals support for OpenVMS

Is a competitive Postal Service good business?

Study reveals that IT is key to agencies' performance

NerveCenter quiets alarms, tackles problems

NWS vet will get systems up to speed

Library goes online bit by bit

Mainframes are easier to fix than LANs | Interview with Chris Weiss, Y2Ktechnologist

Replicator will let you daisychain CD-Rs to copy hundreds of CD-ROMs at a time

USPS gains lots of knowledge, if not sales, as smart-card pilot concludes

Vinca OffSite Archive for NetWare can run on a standalone or standby server

VirusScan now handles hostile Java applets

Network printer specifications

The search is on for ways to navigate invisible Web sites

Letters to the editor

Trinium servers execute up to 3,200 MIPS

For now, SSA will keep issuing PEBES off line

State's globe-trotting employees will get wired, IT chieftain vows

STARS stores reports on tape, saves money

Consortium team are the real People of the Year

Buzz Lightyear, you have mail

With pcTelecommute, you really can work at home

High-bandwidth backbone handles Texas-size Internet traffic

NARA: Agencies must set own records policies

USPS inks preferred vendor agreement for open-ended payroll systems support

Data warehousing and the Web