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Volume 18 Issue 6 March 15 1999


GCN's review crew holds court at FOSE on new products, year 2000 readiness

BMC Software touts tools to boost agency productivity

Shoddy shape of state, local 2000 readiness worries GAO

With Pentium III released, Intel readies Merced for next year

IRS' TDA-3 contract faces competition for buyers

Commerce seeks small businesses for GWAC

Baker will move swiftly on e-commerce

Gateway takes E-3200 in right direction, but not far enough

Procurement reforms reduce user costs

Bell Labs' high-bandwidth wireless prototype could have military uses

AAFES phone service contract goes to MCI WorldCom.FTS

By swapping source code, Sun and Oracle want to give oomph to Internet products

Management application combines and updates data, reducing duplication

OMB issues an online deadline

Treasury to test seat management concept

White House names Peter Swire to be an adviser on privacy policy

2000 workers deserve vacation from the leave laws

Navy lab: 'I want my HDTV'

Celeron-powered PCs are on the money

Old laws will hinder 21st century e-commerce

Suite creates Web site for DOD, aerospace vendors to share data

MEDCOM prescribes online distance learning

Dell vows to keep up competition with IBM despite $16b parts deal


Linux gets its first firewall

DOD ComputingBriefing Book

CleanSweep for the sysadmin

Are those tremors in the Northwest?

New players in the domain name game signal some changes

Professional Calendar


Linux revolutionaries wear sandals, ponytails and even penguin suits

FERC is first to use VA's payroll servicing center

DARPA funds development test beds for Next Generation Internet prototypes

Freeware lets you ditch Win98's browser

Coast Guard warns Y2K may jeopardize flow of oil to U.S.

After a late start, Postal Service scrambles to deliver 2000 fixes

GSA assumes liability risk on ACES project

Radiology imaging goes 3-D

Air Force offers online shopping via six BPAs

Get the inside scoop before deciding to fix or replace your BIOS

Defense worries insiders are helping hackers

Survey: CIOs gain acceptance across the board

Funding hold up delays joint patient record effort

Lab Notes

We're still taking baby steps on the Internet

Enterprise Computing | New Products

Navy tries out tactical toolkit

Dell names Buchsbaum its federal division chief


Geostationary satellites offer virtual networks

Viking 56K External Modem stands tall, works at near-maximum rates

Notebooks' faults weigh heavy on feds

Microtek touts scanners for image rerouting, push-button formatting

Enterprise Computing

Coming UP March 29

Transportation bureau awards

HP rolls out a 32-ppm LaserJet printer, three other new printers and a Mopier

FAA plan for modernizing en route centers has Greek flavor

FTS 2001 transition presents telecom upgrade opportunities

Get in the game

NSA reduces its IT staff by outsourcing legacy applications