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Volume 18 Issue 7 March 29 1999


Reno kicks off cybercrime awareness campaign

Marine Corps lays the groundwork for shift to BPAs for buying PCs and servers

DOD ComputingBriefing Book

Adobe art package lets users tap library of images for Web design

Latitude notebook, NetWare 5 win FOSE Best of Show honors

Test your OS first then worry about applications, drivers

Postal wants to put its stamp on .us domain

Vendors inch closer to agreement on common standards for rewritable DVDs

FAA, unable to meet OMB deadlines, keeps its own schedule

Group works to build a presence in tech fields

Agency execs debate seat management pros, cons

CIOs tell agencies to prepare for post-2000 security push


Energy secretary orders offices to screen e-mail

HUD uses WinBatch launcher to connect to mainframe apps

Treasury seeks savings with comm upgrade

AOL, Linux officials are keynote highlights at April's AIIM show

Secure Unix server connections

Cyberterrorists visit sites before attack, so look for footprints

Win 2000 use will require prep work

DOD tests online workspace| GCN

Cross your t's and dot your i's—digitally

Get a grip on managing your network

10 to miss Y2K deadline


Lab Notes

Grants system makes tracks

DISA suffers Y2K hiccups in Ohio

GSA dials for more dollars

Markup language update

Circuit-switched DTM channels deliver IP services

VersaPath gateway products send mainframe data over IP networks

TrueSpace4 projects a strong light on virtual environments

TimeStep's built-in certificate authority simplifies VPN planning


Agencies keep secret data out of wrong hands by wiping the data off drives

CIO Council proposes PC personal use policy for feds

Rat speaks his mind on mental state of ardent Novell faithful in Utah

IRS: New effort at modernizing must start fresh

For her, retirement's just a beginning

Agencies show interest in switching to Gigabit Ethernet

CIOs honor Koskinen for IT leadership

Trailblazers leave footprints for others to follow

Bid protests, while unpopular, benefit the process

What works together?

Professional Calendar

Spread the word on agency goals

Women make the grade in IT

Agencies should compete to comply with FOIA

Gore backs all-access pilot to bring online services to college students

Tech transfer begets map app

Ada Lovelace's work created a plan for the future

The AF uses license to buy 65,000 copies of Oracle