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Volume 18 Issue 9 April 12 1999


Cost analyst reviews systems support bids, speeding Energy procurement by 3 months

DOD set to test travel system

Second wave of Y2K test tools rolls in

FAA inches toward modernization with new Host

EPA faces Web impasse

Lee fills in as OMB deputy director

App can take a crashed system back in time

V.90 modems

OMB orders Y2K tests of critical services systems

Firewalls are still vulnerable

FCC has its failings, but who else could police the Internet?


VA tests medical smart cards

Let the market rule

Briefing Book

SPSS statistics company buys into business data mining

OCC's data warehouse will be the sum of its marts

Sonic security appliances do job with little management

GCN INTERVIEW | Stephen Colgate, Justice's IT beat cop

Report: C4I heavy on vulnerability, thin on interoperability

NASA supercomputer contributor forms Linux clustering company

SSA revamps interface with Windows-like visual aids

Focus in on the costs and quality of digital cameras

PTO awards $35 million support contract to Galaxy Scientific Corp.

Win95 users have a few 2000 worries—after all

Tracker Pro takes file management a step further

Answers to Quiz:

Lotus delivers Web-integrated 5.0 versions of Domino Server, Notes

Future of DSL technologies is bright, advocates say

IRS creates app workaround

Don't succumb to a Net-driven secrecy panic

Gracey brings IT to the fore

DOD exec offers an off-the-shelf caveat

DOE halts classified computing

Agencies must keep pace with latest buying rules

Sceptre's Soundx has all the right moves for the road

GAO assails Customs' handling of ACE project

DLA supply center keeps track of office software

Army's contract offers HP deals to all agencies

DOE builds firewall at lab to fend off hackers

When Microsoft and the government talk, the walls have Rat ears

TeamSite promises control of Web content

Desktop Computing | New Products

Joint air forces team beefs up NATO network

Professional Calendar

IGrafx package contains thousands of business graphics

Lab Notes

Compaq will offer Linux version to work with its own high-end Unix

DOD reserves gateway to Iridium's global satellite service; other agencies mayfollow