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Volume 19 Issue 3 February 7 2000


From the outside it looks like Win98, but on the inside it's NT

Internet requirements set the stage for new database security designs


Keep this index of 1999 product reviews handy

Xerox printer's speed does not make up for its faults


Dell's Latitude CS fits somewhere between a notebook and a subnotebook

Here's how the lab tested the three 500 MHz-Pentium III notebook PCs

Trio of new notebook PCs travel light


NASA will give Linux a nod for upcoming portables buy

For slow forgers, the handwriting is on the wall

Feds show interest but aren't quite ready to take the plunge

Census revs up 10,000 systems

Energy sites post science, hazmat data

This little app will let you check your hardware's ability to upgrade

If you need C2 security, you'll have to stick with NT 4.0

Microsoft gets tough on app certification for new OS

GSA awards eight-year contract for D.C.-area telecommunications

Sprint seeks turnaround on FTS 2001

Three agencies team up to digitally map coral reefs

Immigration service patrols with sensors and video

Commerce lauds workers for systems efforts

NSF awards $1.12 billion contract for its Antarctic Program

State gives its Web site on Cuban affairs a new look

NASA plans next launch attempt after a glitch grounds Endeavour

Clinton seeks to increase spending on systems R&D and IT security

Security advocates find it tough to ride Y2K coattails

Army ties job cuts to its PC outsourcing plan

Navy extends deadline for intranet services bids

Hadesty on tap for USDA cybersecurity job

Treasury IG audit finds fault with IRS IT plans







USPS names deputy chief

PTO launches Web magazine

T3 goes wireless for long hops

NIH signs first ACES order

Hill passes food stamp bill

Sun to release Solaris 8 code

NSA puts system back online

Smart card gets security test

GCN_Tech Trends

Will Layer 3 switches bring end to VLANs?

Entercept blocks hackers, doesn't log their actions

Abilene network connects with European consortium

DOE search site is a big hit