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Volume 19 Issue 5 March 6 2000


This presentation tool has the write stuff for the road

This 17-inch LCD breaks new ground in size, price and view

This cordless input device's pen is mightier than its mouse

Low-cost QMS color laser printer will cost you in quality


Compaq's iPaq aims for the enterprise

Socks app sifts multimedia data streams

Linux firewalls may be free, but they're not easy



Zombie code infects PCs running Win98

Recent events spark new agency reviews

Guard dumps contractor

Fifty government Web sites make list of most-visited 600

Hacking case may be just the tip of the iceberg, NASA investigators say

In midst of probe, FBI experiences denial-of-services attacks firsthand

Justice makes its case for $138 million to battle cybercrimes

House Speaker Hastert sets up security team of GOP members

DOD reports no denial-of-service code on its servers

Microsoft releases first set of Win 2000 patches

House passes bill to spend $6.9 billion on IT research projects

CFO sets a clear goal for AID's new financial system: It must work

FAA runs shakedown cruise of its approach system

GSA begins second set of local-service buys

FTS chief is angry over slow telecom cutovers

EPA's Slaymaker steps down after 36 years

Lawmaker asks Navy to delay intranet buy


@INFO.POLICY: Robert Gellman


Beware a too-timid IRS


Letters to the Editor


Compaq's Newgaard to leave

Help desk heads for the Web

Senator bars vote on Katzen

E-signature bills concern Fed

OMB issues security guide

Navy signs a forms BPA

DSS gains third algorithm

Leap day causes few problems

GCN_Tech Trends

As e-commerce grows, feds keep an eye on privacy concerns

Student aid office banks on trust

Distributed denial-of-service attacks put e-commerce on the line

As the need for cybersecurity comes into focus, agencies hope money will follow

Agencies face a range of new challenges in protecting their systems against attack

Security: the next frontier

Telecommuting service arrives

Army, industry plan multimedia-over-ATM system

High-speed ATM encryptor, certified by NSA, runs at speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps

Guard changes X.25 provider