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Volume 12 Issue 21 July 29 2002


Portable storage gets smaller--and bigger

The lowdown on RAD

RAD becomes routine -- almost


CIO Council team offers architecture expertise

OMB model gives agencies a reference point on IT projects

OMB halts spending for homeland security IT


AF unveils new IT-centric strategy

Defense, GSA agree to disagree

Bush administration promotes cybersecurity abroad

Qwest seeks edge in federal market

WorldCom says it will stick by its government users

House Select committee OKs homeland bill

GSA reorganization shifts IT duties

Dell still at the top of the notebook PC heap

System helps air traffic planning

Will TSA outsourcing model spread?


Did you hear?


Crossword: Why spell it out?

Rat has advice for AOL's big cheese


A-76: Here to stay

Another View: Is Web scrubbing an exercise in futility?


E-learning site launches early

City of Rolling Meadows rolls out wireless net

EPA upgrades its PeopleSoft HR application

Davis works to salvage security bill in HSD deal

GSA teams will sort out overlap of FSS and FTS

Calif. rescinds Oracle contract for software

SSA, Treasury to build system to verify SSNs


Next IP meanders our way

@Info.Policy: Webmasters must grapple with linkage policy

Prices steady for new PCs

Feds say they need vendor backup for security, privacy

Finally--built-in security?

Entry eServer is self-healing

GSA leads in smart-card spec development

All together now