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Volume 21 Issue 10 May 6 2002


When ink met paper: network printers

Securing the airways


NEA applauds a smooth upgrade

VHA overhaul puts the future in focus

Air Force speeds up its supply line

DFAS tidies up stovepiped landscape

DOD will establish XML registry

Plans to remake INS emphasize IT

FSS surplus jump-starts three GSA e-gov projects

Defense coders are fading away

OMB will revise Circular A-76

4 million at DOD to use biometrics

Feds confront their legacy applications

OMB's Lorentz: No pain, no gain on e-gov projects

EPA launches e-docket to aid in rule-making


Cryptogram: Digital Lepidopteran

Packet Rat: Chairman Bill takes a seat

Letters to the editor

By the numbers

Where there's a will

Editorial Cartoon


Signal Command adds network duties

Deepwhite tool offers XML for consistency

Virtual job fair attracts 20,000 users for IT jobs

Air Force panel will scrutinize software issues

IRS prompted to automate voice response

U.S. is still third in international e-gov rankings

Verizon gets MAA crossover for Baltimore

TSA will need more money to secure airports


City inventories telecom gear

DT/Studio tackles data integration

HP makes 2.2-pound DLP projector

App filters out classified e-mail

Calif. town slices and dices its criminal data

Procurement apps will reach more stored data

Internaut: Here's the latest in usability lore from'surprise!'the feds

Outlining advantages, an IPv6 leader urges U.S. adoption of the protocol

Bundled security protects the perimeter

Power User: Search, drag, back up. Organize your favorites

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