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Volume 21 Issue 11 May 20 2002


Lab gets personal with five of the latest PDAs

Power on


HP-Compaq federal strategy set

Army reviews bids for tactical net

DOD gives Navy OK to expand NMCI use

Navy prepares wireless LAN for testing at sea

New law orders INS to overhaul border IT

Calif., Oracle set to nix license deal

Interior sites might close again

Critics balk at bill to hide companies' security data

Cadets keep NSA crackers at bay

OMB tightens grip on e-gov purse strings

Moving to XP: SBA adopts the app suite before the OS

Senate committee set to act on cybersecurity bills

FEMA seeks cooperation on disaster portal


Packet Rat: Rat watches the Domino fall

Did You Hear...?

Crossword/Puzzle answers: PCs on the Big Screen

Editorial Cartoon

By the numbers

Another View: It's time for a little realism in service contracts

Making cybersense


OMB crackdown

Federal site gains health accreditation

Air Force picks contractor for XML forms

State awards $160m support contract to CSC

Corrections officer fined for NCIC misuse

Voinovich bill calls for human capital chiefs

GSA's business blend is right, consultant says

Davis bill would rush homeland defense buys


Federal bridge opens to two-way traffic

Army unit upgrades multigigabit backbone net

LaserFiche suite links documents

3Com NICs can house desktop firewalls

@Info.Policy: On privacy, U.S. should look to the north

Cyber Eye: The trick to security: Make it easy

Bureau of Labor Statistics and Treasury offer agencies tools to test-drive their Web sites

In Good Order