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Volume 21 Issue 12 May 27 2002


Streaming server gives priority to video

Basic PDAs are right on schedule

StarOffice 6.0 bridges the gap with Microsoft Office

The lowdown about Linux

Linux at work


State seeks to cut duplicate Web links

DISA licenses firewalls for PCs and Palm units

IG says system for tracking foreign students not effective

INS embarks on IT makeover

Systems R&D focuses on response to terrorism

Defense will base revisions to A-76 process on panel's plan

DOD tests single sign-on system for paperless contracting

Showdown: data sharing vs. privacy

What on Web merits saving?

Upgrade of federal thrift system nears completion

DOE task force to use OMB's 24 e-gov projects as a model for more of its own

NLM Web site puts the surgeon general online

USPS looks to travel light via Web


Crossword: IT Occupations and Preoccupations

Packet Rat: California meets the dark side of the Force

Editorial Cartoon


Letter to the Editor

Stalled at the pass


Kellett: Get moving on GPEA

GAO says many agencies have GPRA troubles

Supreme Court to rule on sex offender sites

Treasury picks SBC for $13m voice, data BPA

Debra Stouffer becomes the first EPA CTO

Lockheed gets $400m job for Medicare IT

Look to proven e-gov strategies, CIO Council says


IBM, Sun broaden Unix server lines

New Sophos service updates virus files online

Power User: Stay up-to-date on archives, e-mail traces and bugs

MicronPC is adding to its line of servers

Army tests RF access system

IBM server goes 16-way, on demand

AF will release XML tech manuals on the Web

Internaut: What's RSS? And should agencies syndicate their data?

Rival agencies take on GSA in federal telecom business

Design Review