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Volume 21 Issue 13 June 3 2002


Desktop clients shift into the gigahertz gear

The lowdown on Web management tools

Dynamic content


DOD forced to change process for services buys

Phone numbers to gain domains on the Internet

NASA considers course correction for its outsourcing

Users are in the 'anger' stage in dealing with NMCI, captain says

Agencies still wary of seat management

Border security law requires data sharing, visa readers for tracking foreign visitors

Patriot law puts federal eye on biometric use

FBI will revamp IT as part of shake-up

DOD participates in e-learning standards effort

Training site goes to head of the class

Charge-tracking improves GSA card control

NIH workers track their own hours electronically


'Did you hear...'

Packet Rat: Rat's WiFi approach: Turn on, tune in, drop out

Unscramble RIP Computer Old-timers

Editorial Cartoon

By the numbers

Another View: Can government integrate all its databases?

Avoid a similar fate


Architecture site set

WamNet opens office to serve federal clients

100 Air Force sites take part in smart-card pilot

New Micron PC sports 2.53-GHz chip, fast USB

Senate chooses Signal to handle IT for its offices

Subpoena threat by lawmakers surprises Oracle

Bill would create cybersecurity group at NIST

FAA will try out smart-card use; RFP due soon


Panel spells out the ABCs of CRM

Cops rev training with 3-D slides

@Info Policy: E-government + Microsoft = Passport to trouble?

NTIS posts online directory of government research

Info security a low priority for FBI, report finds

Cyber Eye: Motive's murky, but the message is clear