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Volume 21 Issue 15 June 17 2002


Rugged notebooks put the 'hard' in hardware

The lowdown on Geographic information system software

Intergraph, MapInfo add new dimensions

Geography rules


Amid dispute, Calif. CIO resigns

Can INS handle alien entry plan?

How STARS serves up data

Critics say STARS launch is too soon

FAA will run Transportation smart-card pilot

Plan: Piggyback on EU system

PTO to start from scratch on e-filing

Challenge No. 3: Decide who does what and why

Challenge No. 2:Set an overarching systems agenda

Challenge No. 1: Mesh disparate databases and apps

Patterned on Ridge's Pennsylvania efforts?

Who will take IT reins at new department?

At its core, a systems shake-up

Uncle Sam gets tough on rule governing info assurance buys

MAA management is slack, GAO concludes

Tax agency requests deadline extension for electronic filers

IRS to begin database upgrade

FinCEN seeks terrorists' money links

Senator's office is on paper diet


Crossword Buy, Buy, E-buy

Packet Rat: The Rat lends a paw to the FBI


Letters to the Editor

Editorial Cartoon

Secrecy central


Two drop DREN protests

Transportation drops plan to extend ITOP

Unisys to USPS: The check is in the mail

Linux vendors unite to build a common OS

GSA teams will help reorganize FTS and FSS

OPM will host second IT job fair in August

HUD develops metrics to measure IT


Sept. 11 crisis taught GSA quick fix-it skills

IBM, Sun broaden Unix server lines

Internaut: These Net bills make sense'really

Power User: Who needs a Linux PDA? Sharp users, that's who

Dell, EMC improve storage management software lines

Minn. drives queries to the Web

Data Cubes