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Volume 21 Issue 16 June 24 2002


These rugged peripherals tough it out

The lowdown on SAN

What is a SAN, anyway?

SANs open up to sharing


Outdated IT, turf issues loom for Homeland Security

TSA sets performance goals for $1b contract

E-Authentication pilot set for fall'no IT plan yet

DOD takes initial steps toward new finance net

Barrett illuminates 508 gains

Section 508 complaint process makes lawsuits unlikely

Web sites highlight accessibility

Agency policies remain behind the 508 curve

Agriculture aims for a bull's-eye on 508

PTO selects five vendors to market e-filing services for patents

PTO drops telework pilot for patent examiners over spat with union

PTO: No one should trust our systems

Education continues its paperless chase with plans for a digital-signature system

USPS readies business portal

NOAA weather forecasters try remote supercomputing

State uses cross-agency pilot to draw on federal expertise


Cryptogram: Storming the Castle

Packet Rat: Rat joins Uncle Sam's homeland posse

Editorial Cartoon

By the numbers

Another View: Free e-filing is not a simple matter for IRS

Look in the mirror


FedCIRC plans Web portal

Florez: Oracle took Calif. 'to the cleaners'

Y'all got mail: Houston offers free Net access

FAA installs a new system for weather data

GAO throws out Global Crossing protest of DREN

U.S. loses top supercomputer spot to Japan

Defense issues one-millionth smart card

Coast Guard to pick Deepwater winner Tuesday


VPN integrates client firewall

It's not the message, it's the medium: EPA needs more supercomputer cycles

Secure smart card can handle many e-gov apps

NSA certifies vendors for vulnerability and security assessments

Energy's 12T SAN supplies easy, fast access to a 3-D map of the universe

@ Info Policy: No simple questions for national ID system

Rules software speeds benefits

One key to security: Think like a hacker, expert says

Cyber Eye: New INS system must vault high bars

Happy Ending