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Volume 21 Issue 19 July 15 2002


The GCN Lab monitors a dozen upper-end LCDs

The lowdown on 3G

3G is still on hold


Council is eager for hiring reforms

Troubled WorldCom tries to calm jittery federal customers

Bureau puts more resources into its records management

New FBI CIO faces critics and IT revamp

Telecom companies protest DREN'again

New department would inherit cybersecurity problems, GAO warns

Homeland bill now on a fast track

Energy to study 420 IT positions in A-76 review

OFPP reviewing draft of new A-76 rules

DOD biometrics lab looks to expand

What's wrong with these pictures?

C2 software peers into the future

Sun sets on Calif. IT Department

GSA awards MAA contract for Seattle

App tracks firefighting assets

Pair of lawmakers pushes 508 rule for Capitol Hill


Find the Acronym Protocolics Acronymous

Packet Rat: Pat solution to PTO's systems headache

Editorial Cartoon


Another View: NCI designed its site with users in mind



Park Service lights the Web

Senate backs $345 million for e-gov projects

OMB's new Web site copies FirstGov model

PeopleSoft Financials gets JFMIP's nod

FAR Councils want Sec. 508 certification

Survey finds DOD employees more satisfied

DOD merges its strategic, space commands

IT pros blame managers for security woes


@Info.Policy: Enough with FOIA-weakening bills

A California county goes nuts for Galaxy storage app

Air Force team tests network of blade PCs

Cyber Eye: Hiding data in plain sight is a risky strategy

In a blink