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Volume 21 Issue 23 August 12 2002


Smooth the bumpy road to 508 compliance

The lowdown on biometrics

Digital security


NASA aims for IT mission control

IRS tests database, sets free-filing deal

FAA develops its own model

NIST, DOD raise wireless caution flags

Clarke previews national cyberstrategy

Single sign-on reduces headaches, costs at PTO

How to secure a wireless network? Very carefully

DLA goes live with supply chain system

TSA awaits go-ahead on $1b IT project

OMB restricts more IT projects

Feds must weigh worth of vendors' CMM claims

Security's part of big picture

FAA contractors settle dispute, agree to share

GSA set to release RFP for travel site


Find a word: E-gov's who's who

Rat warns warfighters about war-chalking

Editorial Cartoon


Another View: Homeland security IT looks doomed from the start

Letter to the editor: GoBook was unfairly downrated

Too fast to the altar


Agency notebooks on the lam

GSA's e-Buy relaunch puts RFQs online

OPM looks for execs to pass on their know-how

New low-power, green-design PC doesn't have fan

OMB ties GPEA compliance to e-gov progress

No mass attacks on the Net in wake of NIPC warning

Homeland bill includes limited FOIA exemption


Unix OSes gain clustering features

California governments move services online

Air Force units innovate with e-learning software

Tools bar remote network intruders

Internaut: Feds are citizens and e-gov users, too

Energy buys massively parallel Linux system

AF picks firewall for phone networks

Energy, NASA add supersized Linux gear to their systems

Washington city tests wireless emergency net

Gates dismisses the password as passe

Power User: Here's a guide to finding what's invisible on the Web

Power over paper