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Volume 21 Issue 24 August 19 2002


Diskeeper's a PC housekeeper

Utility cleans your system of spyware

Cstation offers users fat and thin computing

Tiny notebooks are big performers

Wireless adds a new twist to security headaches

The lowdown: network management software

Look beyond your network


Agencies speculate on consolidating online travel apps

Disaster portal delayed

Principi orders VA IT overhaul

Treasury to cut its IT staff by 40 percent

Justice makes case for new architecture

Air Force finds two stolen notebooks

TSA gets OK to begin IT project

OMB pushes agencies to share funds

Calif. counties map offenders' homes

Telecom vendors promise to step in if WorldCom falters

Bills target competition goals

OMB will set rules for interagency transactions

OFPP relents on 803

Vendor data gets user-friendly

OMB team lays out its e-gov agenda

VBA links offices on virtual network

Customs seeks importers to test a new shipments portal

Middleware anchors INS' information architecture

EPA looks to unify states with CDX


Multiple choice Whazzat?

Packet Rat: The Rat pans for gold in foreign imports

'Did you hear...'

Editorial Cartoon


Letters to the Editor

Why file at all?


Texas launches health alert network

What's different at your office since Sept. 11?

Treasury buys software to secure network

Congress is at odds over e-gov funding request

USB 2.0 Zip drive is zipped up to 750M

Army taps two vendor teams for net fly-off

Pa. state police pick Aether for $6.5m contract

Stenbit works on Pentagon wireless policy


Carriers prep for packet tapping

Web app has a dynamic view of health

Calif. gets funds from its nonfilers

VA med center keeps a watch on Web traffic

@INFO.POLICY: Do you know how to tell if your site is any good?

Court will archive its sealed files on CD

JFMIP looks at needs of nontax revenue systems

Cyber Eye: Standards don't cancel responsibility

See you, see me