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Volume 21 Issue 28 September 16 2002


PDAs and cell phones unite

The lowdown on IP

VOICE of the future?


Bandwidth booster cuts the repetition

GSA mulls charging a fee to access some FedBizOpps features

VHA looks to standardize its medical records

Sprint promises to bolster 3G wireless security for feds

Tools make dumb bandwidth smart

DOD office RIFs HR paper chores

Prototype gateway will test authentication needs

TSA vendor begins systems-building blitz

Bush brass will seek separate funding for architecture work

OMB names Microsoft and IBM tools as e-gov platforms

New Pentagon offices get Gig-E

GSA: Expect squeeze on travel apps

GIS files elude efforts to meet 508 standards


Find a word Satellite speak

Packet Rat: Rat turns a blind eye on peer-to-peer vigilantes

Letters to the Editor

Editorial Cartoon


Another View: Why does Army force contractors to count heads?

Keep it loose


City posts its faults

GAO questions competitive sourcing plans

Survey finds public supports Web scrubbing

OMB looks at Web standards for all agencies

N.C. unholsters new handgun permit system

Navy awards contract for 4-D imaging system

FAR councils: Heed capital planning rules

VA signs $225m software task order with HP


NSF studies ways to show complex data

NSA cryptologist to feds: Use the security that's there

Power User: Does modeling hold the secrets of the universe?

DARPA studies efficiency of spectrum use

Itanium 2 chips appear in HP, Unisys servers

Louisiana spices up security with fingertip log-ons

Verity's knowledge app has taxonomic features

Customer service site assesses itself with feedback from interested users

Internaut: Spam nearly at the tipping point of 50% of Net traffic

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