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Volume 21 Issue 29 September 23 2002


Satellites route e-mail'and spam'through space easily

WinBook J4 packs a desktop-full of power

Heads are turning for SpinScape digital photos

Electronic CRM offers a range of new contact technologies

The lowdown on CRM

CRM for citizens


Most agencies on track for competition goals

OMB's revised A-76 is nearly ready

INS in holding pattern on entry app

Interior's IT woes worsen; Norton found in contempt

Florida will analyze polling site IT

DOD sifts 600 antiterrorism proposals to nine

DISA plans bandwidth expansion to 10 Gbps

DOD expects industry to help it achieve net-centricity

Clarke unveils security strategy

NASA pulls plug on new launch system

Agencies must pick new payroll shops soon

Can DOD transform itself?

NIST and NSA scurry to draft new security guide for IT

System helps FAA see skies more clearly

Next year, tax forms will talk

USAID site helps companies go global


Find a word: Systems modernization

PACKET RAT: Bada Bing! Rat's nodes get whacked

'Did you hear...'

Editorial Cartoon

By the numbers

Another View: Don't let cybersecurity bug you

OMB-centric world


EPA gets IT assist

Study uncovers more security on Web sites

Scientists to set standards for digital evidence

OMB seeks new temporary chief for architect post

DOD signs deal for McAfee antivirus suite

FBI is deploying biometrics app for war on terror

DOJ, Treasury award $3 billion radio contracts

CDC sets a deal for nationwide health network


Webcasting software invites the audience

Dell speeds up two of its server lines

R.I. retirement system retires folders

Unisys debuts storage management in a box

@Info Policy: NARA makes another half-hearted attempt at policy

IM-Age apps audit instant messages

Cyber Eye: A digital Pearl Harbor might not be so easy

Speaking medicine