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Volume 21 Issue 34 December 16 2002


Lab looks to 2003 with 2002's highlights

The lowdown on laser printers

Workhouses for workgroups


Guard and TSA plan IT pilots at several ports

New department will have flexibility in its IT procurements

U.S. and Canada join forces to test defense initiatives

HSD architecture set for late January release

Will a plus add up to a minus for DVD technology users?

Small and wireless are hot trends

Hill flunks govt. on IT security

Feds laud A-76 revision

Online rule-making portal dovetails with E-Gov Act requirement

Legislation may broaden OMB's e-gov perspective, agency IT managers say

Small bureau is big on data

Working group tests tools for Web services

HSD plans to tap agencies' budgets to build its systems

Army tool gives OPM work force facts

Feds keep working on Section 508 compliance


Crossword: Federal IT Wish List

Packet Rat: The Rat pencils in some hi-res resolutions for 2003

'Did you hear...'

Editorial Cartoon

By the numbers

Letters to the Editor

A gift list for feds

The A-76: Process over management?


OpenGIS tool pools data pulls

GSA gives in to OMB and drops schedule fee

New GoBook sheds water but not weight

Interior $1b deal is part of move to digital radio

Congress OKs NSF's grants for tech talent

OPM and FEMA premiere their e-gov Web sites

CDC system to share health data with states


Vendors battle over airing software flaws

Cross-certification still needs a personnel touch

Sharing certificates requires common directories plus attention to details

3Com produces hardware firewall for notebook PCs

Power User: Chronicles of the XP upgrade from hell

Arizona city hires a system monitor to save time

Internaut: Ready for .Net? Read this first

E-learning lessons learned