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Volume 21 Issue 6 March 18 2002


The eMachine is easy on your wallet

LCD projectors run the gamut in size and power

These apps help bring handhelds into the fold


OPM sketches map for online personnel files

GAO balks at OMB's refusal to share data

USDA takes HR to new level

GSA's payroll system keeps agencies in the money

Labor will expand use of online expert advisers

Runway system cleared for takeoff

Info sharing requires a change of mind, not hub

CIO Council backs NAPA study on IT pay

Guard begins overhaul of distress alert system

DISA delays contract award for DREN again

OPM maps out self-serve site

Feds discuss challenges of interagency projects

Latest e-gov task: finding funding

GovNet's future is still unclear

DOD mulls restrictions on foreign IT workers

DARPA shifts its focus toward security efforts

Customs cracks down on airlines that missed deadline for supplying passenger information

Should feds be in the online ID biz?

Treasury prepares to converge its networks

GSA pulls a Fast one for FirstGov


Current Issue Crossword/Puzzle

Packet Rat: Network alert -- BOOM!

CRYPTOGRAM: The meaning of it all


Editorial Cartoon




Ridge: Security has similarities to Y2K rollover

Tax filings via home PC are up 40 percent

Davis-Burton bill promotes IT staff exchange

GX3 won't boot up without a fingerprint

Midwest roads scholars peel out on wireless

EPA, DOT say: Leave your car at home

CIO Council plans a virtual job fair in April

USPS cancels its PosteCS e-mail service


App measures SSL performance of Web servers

NSA extends a deal for buying crypto cards

Agency boosts accuracy of data on homelessness

Master's program draws cyberstudents

NASA space station team pilots voice over IP system

National public health network suffers hiccups in emergencies

Power User: You can get a commanding view in Windows 2000

Sun seeks open-source ideas

USGS lab's system is good to the last drop

Internaut: ICANN says, 'I can't, not any longer'

Sign Language