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Volume 22 Issue 10 May 5 2003


Face recognition system still not in the best light

Biometrics gets better but still needs some work

The lowdown: tape storage

Tale of the Tape


Processing: 64-bit computing ramps up

Storage: the shrinking form factor

Communications: It's all wireless

Security: Biometrics gains a foothold

Applications: XML, Web services pave the way

Aggregating data helps, but raises privacy concerns

Agencies must dine on alphabet soup

Coming into full bloom: technologies for the future

OMB tightens screws on business cases

How data is used creates culture gulf

Online extra: Is the data for spies or for cops?


Find a word: Chiefs R us

Packet Rat: The Rat draws a line in the sand

Editorial Cartoon


Another View: Regional ISACs provide security coordination

One step at a time


DLP projectors vs. LCDs

Energy IG pans notebook lapses at Los Alamos

SBA will make sure that small means small

Marine Corps hires SRA for system services

Microsoft wants to dredge bigger federal channel

IAC to issue own version of data reference model

PKI certificates gain following by DOD vendors

HSD signs on to e-signatures for immigration


Sysadmins struggle to manage growing security infrastructures

Power User: In-house video setup needn't cost more than $5,000

Wideband clears phone ranges for teleconferences

FedCIRC simplifies incident reports

Internaut: HSD should fix a big weakness -- spoofing

In the loop