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Volume 22 Issue 11 May 19 2003


Dell mix-up changes printer results

Where am I? GPS review tells all

The lowdown on intrusion-detection

Stemming the tide


Recruitment deal hits protest limbo

OMB offers advice on attaining PMA nirvana

Apps don't avert friendly fire errors

Will feds do more than test waters on Server 2003?

OMB set to release architecture models

Daniels leaves legacy of IT reform as well as coordination on funding

Army issues RFP for servicewide IT needs

IRS: Modernization progresses'slowly

Lawmakers spar with Cooper over HSD efforts

Seattle cybergame preceded last week's drill and simulated reality

For terrorism response drill, portal provides central hub

EA by the slice

Cyberdrill carries over to real war

Several NOAA Web sites get a major overhaul with additional features

Court raps Interior, EDS over Indian trust system

Tracking system on fast track


Packet Rat: The desert Rat goes tactical

Unscramble: Vendor tangles

Editorial Cartoon

By the numbers

Another View: Poll reveals the next e-government challenge

From the trenches


FirstGov lauded with grand prize

E-forms group starts pilots to define standards

Air Force base tests wireless job tracking

FDA to upgrade its data-mining skills and tools

House OKs $2.4 billion for nanotech R&D

GSA hires SRA for acquisition institute work

Davis services bill moves on to House vote


Canadian firm blocks spam, e-mail viruses

Energy will recompete Los Alamos

@Info.Policy: HSD's privacy officer has a tough job ahead

FAA faces years of transition to telecom backbone

Cyber Eye: Let's hope cybersecurity becomes a campaign issue

Patch Work