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Volume 22 Issue 15 June 16 2003


The lowdown on Tablet PCs

Five bug killers show their stuff

Tablets get it right


U.N. aviation group approves biometrics for the fast lane

South Carolina's security chief worries about insider mistakes

At EPA, security is an inside job

Dacey: Agencies need smarter, stronger security management

Survey finds errors aplenty on .gov sites

Army set to roll out its logistics app in July

Share the spectrum, Bush says

A new Trojan horse lurks at the gates

Open-source software gets nod from DOD

STARS begins slow ascent at FAA

Callahan will not seek a second term as the president of AFFIRM

Paper chase: Diploma buyers beware

Lawmakers probe use of trumped-up credentials

As threats rise, feds shelter their IT

Nine steps for forecasting success on EA

Weather service offers to broadcast emergency alerts for DHS

Labor takes on its e-mail Babel


Find a word: Break the security code

Packet Rat: The new Rat, in sheepskin clothing

Editorial Cartoon


Another View: The procurement train is leaving the platform

E-gov's shallow


OMB: Coordinate agency GIS buys

Microsoft alters its pricing and service plans

GAO raps plan for U.S. Visit tracking system

A pair of rugged tablet PCs take on competition

Defense agency gets a handle on its digital media

Justice opens bandwidth clog with video tool

GAO sticks by its ruling on protest of OPM e-gov buy


AT&T offers Sonet link for Capitol Hill

Power User: Peer-to-peer networking doesn't keep out spam

Monitors let NASA Ames know when there's trouble in the air

Police department merges its records

Internaut: Instant messengers bring new security risks