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Volume 22 Issue 19 July 21 2003


The lowdown on firewalls

Internal security


E-gov makes no gains in new PMA scores

OMB unveils next-generation e-gov strategy

Lawmakers ask GAO to merge diploma mill probes

Contract workers with bogus degrees create potential problems for vendors

Collins asks Labor what it knew and what it plans to do

OPM: Double-check education claims

Dell wins software contract at DHS

DHS lays out vision for border system

Security at a standstill?

DOD effort to consolidate its financial IT draws fire

OMB eyes central authentication plan

At DHS, meshing IT takes tact

OPM set to standardize personnel data


Cryptogram: Ask the right questions

Packet Rat: The Rat abridges freedom of the press plane

Editorial Cartoon

By the numbers

Letters to the editor: Readers debate experience versus degrees

Baby steps


Selling like hotcakes: LCDs, notebook PCs

Web site for cross-agency services debuts

WebSphere moves to Linux on Power4

Archiving RFP will come in out of the cold

Verity upgrades its Ultraseek search engine

OPM weighs its options for recruitment site

Interior IG pans Web security and operations

E-Clearance Web site clears its last hurdle


Agency systems reflect app evolution

DOD's high-performance computing program gets its annual tune-up with purchases for two centers

Model details federal 'information factory'

@Info.Policy: Red tape is threat to FOIA

Report cites savvier Internet attacks

Expert: Act II no threat to crypto

Microsoft source code gets a look

Frost and Snow are part of NOAA's summer forecasts

Cyber eye: Could encrypted speech be threatened?

Data squeeze