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Volume 22 Issue 21 August 4 2003


WinBook PowerSpec at home in fast lane

NEC beefs up, slims down its fault-tolerant server line

Sharp's Actius ultralight is a flawed jewel

The lowdown data visualization tools

Data takes shape


Conferees must agree on DHS funding, IT demands

Amtrak shortfall puts e-gov fund off track?

OMB bends on outsourcing goals

One former fed's trials with TSP system

Paper backlog dogs retirement system

Collins: No bucks for diploma mills

D.C. offices can now buy supplies online

Court orders Interior to move systems offline'again

Bold but not brash

IG: Coding error is key to delays on tax database

DOD takes aim at info assurance architecture

Hey, it's just business: As e-gov projects evolve, some agencies shift control from CIOs' offices

IG slams FAA's project management


Multiple Choice: What's your it management iq?

Packet Rat: The Rat encounters the dark side of the source

Editorial Cartoon


Another View: What is a college degree worth, anyhow?

Act quickly, OMB


Defense will tag and track assets

DHS adds 10 years to deal for smart cards

Fast wireless Web service to launch soon

Navy renews contract for software help

Pentagon pulls the plug on PAM program

Imaging agency maps plans for geospatial R&D

GSA and NIST draft FAR rule on IT security


Law enforcement gets XML standard for data exchange

Wireless access sheds more wires

@Info.Policy: What does FTC's Do Not Call list really protect?

Agencies reach for e-training interoperability and efficiency

Storage vendors boost capacity and connectivity

Authentication on the front lines

Cyber Eye: Privacy enforcement tool could become a TIA boon

Data Swappers