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Volume 22 Issue 27 September 15 2003


30-inch LCD puts plasma on the run

Live with Rhythmyx 5

Clarisys i750 phone puts the IP in hip

The lowdown on technology that uses a known key

Key strategy: Encryption and PKI tools help keep online transactions in order


IT, power grids not primary terror targets, FBI says

Funding bills shuffle IT requests

Panel: Sniper hunt IT could be model for DHS

Department will spend $10b on IT support buy

GAO finds flaws in DHS' latest data-sharing plans

OMB shake-up continues: Lorentz and Styles leave posts

Evans knows where she's going

Conflicts in contracting

Offshore outsourcing draws fire from Hill

With VOIP, digital department comes of age at Commerce

Complaint tracker goes after Medicare abuses

Fresh PCs yield benefits for USDA field offices


Matchup: Vintage years in computing history

Packet Rat: Rat plots to let no contracting dollars go to waist

Editorial Cartoon


Letters to the Editor

Walk, don't run


USDA expands online payments

House votes not to fund new A-76 projects

Treasury lets agencies check funds via Web

Diet aid site links to federal health research

DOD sets 2010 deadline for biometrics use

EDS challenges GSA's contracts for E-Travel

AKO portal adds benefits tool, forum on gear


Cyber Eye: It's hard to keep a good infrastructure down

NIST has tips on buying authentication IT

@Info.Policy: OMB pitches a fit over GAO's privacy compliance report

Tool automates remediation tasks

Sea trials