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Volume 22 Issue 30 October 13 2003


DisplayMate eyes the screen

Looking for the best: GCN Lab ranks 11 LCDs

The lowdown on wireless networks

Air safety: wireless networking security


Online Extra: How hackers work

Parking tickets now print out wirelessly on the streets of New York

Policy: Be careful out there

Packet-level encryption and a protocol for the transport layer tunnel can boost security

Beware: Hackers are lurking in public places

Security pilot paves the way for wireless throughout Treasury

With 10g, Oracle gets on the grid

House bill calls for file-sharing security

Three e-gov projects move forward

GSA will whack at least six GWACs

Lawmakers prod GSA on license deals

DHS systems projects will take a funding hit next year

Cooper details EA at hearing

Perils of unplugging: 11 steps to successful wireless security

OMB sets new data privacy regulations


Personal Space: Vrooommm

Packet Rat: Packet Rat roves for raves

'Did you hear...'

Editorial Cartoon

By the numbers

Another View: OMB's e-authentication policy isn't fully baked

The successes


Fed Reserve boosts servers

Now most Food Stamp benefits are paperless

GAO sees need for firefighting coordination

Defense's Lee will advise on Iraq's rebuilding

Grid project finds leads on smallpox drugs

FTS tackles procurement weaknesses

USDA upgrades hardware and moves to XP


Product minds file-sharing and IM apps

Oceanside, Calif., blocks the tsunami of spam

PTO tool will go international

Weather model gets multiagency input

Internaut: Want to be a project manager? Take these courses

Federal Highway Administration puts the brakes on pop-up ads

Worms inspire VA's in-house patch effort

Power User: It's all security, all the time