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Volume 22 Issue 33 November 24 2003


Motion's noteworthy tablet has a Centrino

KVM switch can take over a LAN remotely

Tadpoles and Sun take 64-bit on the go, find a princely notebook

Xplore the possibilities of a rugged tablet

The lowdown on E-forms

E-forms and content


E-gov projects receive 508 attention

Many tools and techniques can aid in accessibility

Useful technology triumphs at Comdex

Putnam: Tighten cybersecurity or face legislation

Interior uses new yardstick to gauge security progress

Education takes security lesson

Congress backs new training plan

Defense authorization bill clears Hill hurdles

Lawmakers take aim at E-Gov Fund and the rules for A-76 competitions

Internet caf's are morale booster for troops in Iraq

Desert battlefield prompts changes


Packet Rat: The wired one waves a red flag at justice

Personal space: Home security

'Did you hear...'

Editorial Cartoon


Another View: Time to retire the word 'e-gov'



Foul-up leads DHS to delay network

Project Leopard will hit the spot for Linux users

Some agency R&D funds up, others are flat

Pa. reporting system tracks hepatitis A

Dell has free tools for server management

Army upgrades features of its IT buying site

Agencies post cancer drug data online

FAA overhaul will change IT purchasing


DARPA funds hardware adaptability

@Info.Policy: What's hidden in that document you posted?

'Guinea pigs' try top-level Common Criteria tests

Corps of Engineers gets backup help from remote control apps

Cyber Eye: Wanted, dead or alive: malicious coders