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Volume 22 Issue 4 February 24 2003


Personal DBMSes gain power

The lowdown on a NAS server

NAS spells relief from storage woes


Navy gets OK to order more NMCI seats

Army's new logistics system gets ready to roll

Telemedicine gains ground on the battlefield

Shared workspaces keep DOD docs in the know

Congress will watch TIA watch for terrorists

U.S. aims to make war on Iraq's networks

Homeland CIO says architecture plan to be ready by September

Watch the bugs and don't get stung'or complacent

Award shows discrepancies in current system

OFPP makes sure 'small' means small

Congress likes e-gov idea but not the cost

Agencies hesitate to fund e-gov

DOD's grand plan

'Naked' federal sites are open to attack

Administration tunes plan for cybersecurity

Energy awards $409m for seat management

Agencies forge ahead with financial overhauls

GoLearn gets fee-for-service courses


Packet Rat: All orange, all the time

'Did you hear...'

Matchup: Creature feature

Editorial Cartoon


Another View: Isn't it time you tried online collaboration?

What IT money?


Five e-gov winners

NIST: Put faces and fingerprints on visas for ID

Coast Guard's Deepwater is afloat, GAO says

Red Hat Linux Advanced now a COE kernel

IT tools aid in the Columbia investigation

Health care database runs on tablet PCs

Commerce may merge telecom, tech bureaus


AIX 5L dynamically reallocates CPUs

Visual area networking lets users collaborate

Two-way Dell server ready for Gigabit Ethernet

Internaut: To keep up with PKI, agencies need XML, and vice versa

Power User: Speed up remote Net access and slow down attackers

Library of Congress stacks its bar codes three deep for storage

In-Q-Tel gets into storage management

Markle report says antiterror effort should be decentralized

NSA plans high-security smart card

Every bit counts